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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Allows you to connect with the inner you to get answers and the healing you deserve.

Service Description

Before you go into a deep state of relaxation I like to sit with my clients and really get to know them as a whole. We will go over an intense overview of your life session where we explore physical, emotional, addiction or relationships problems. This in-depth session could be about 3-4 hours or a bit longer to complete, remember this is your opportunity to find understanding, healing, and shifting of issues that may have puzzled you or created impenetrable blocks in your life. Sometimes traumas can have originated from a previous life. During a Past Life Regression session the client is regressed to an event in a past life that can tell us where the physical or mental issues in the present lifetime originated from. Once the Subconscious gets to the root cause of the problem clients are then able to release those emotions they have been carrying around unknowingly, and this is when we see healing take place almost immediately. Healing can take place in the form of correcting skin problems, mental or physical health issues, etc. What took many years or lifetimes to be created may need patience and time to resolve. The hypnosis part of the session includes a recording as people tend to remember a little bit of their session or nothing at all. Listening to the recording can assist you with the healing that is necessary when listening to it often after the session.

Contact Details

  • 430 Waterloo Street, London, ON, Canada


  • 4 hr
  • 430 Waterloo Street

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