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What isEmotionCode

Emotion Code

Have you ever felt your present is being held hostage by your past or recent events?

Well this may not be your imagination as these feelings you have all have a purpose. The premise of the Emotion Code® is that the energy of past emotions can literally become trapped in your body, affecting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Quantum physics has proven that energies affect other energies, therefore, we are also affected by the energy of our own emotions because our bodies are also made of energy.

Emotion Code® Practitioners believe these Trapped Emotions could be keeping you in patterns of discomfort, sorrow, failure, and heartbreak.  Trapped Emotions are like balls of energy in our body that if not dealt with or released properly can cause a lot of  stress physically or mentally resulting in physical pain, anxiety, depression, stress, addictions or any other type of negative emotion you can think of.

With the Emotion Code®, practitioners can help you find and correct the root cause of trapped emotions and imbalances in minutes with the simplest, easiest energy healing methods and trainings developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson (D.C., ret) after being in practice for more than 20 years as a holistic chiropractor and teacher.  The Emotion Code® is designed to help you alleviate physical discomfort, ease emotional wounds, and restore love to relationships.

Human Energy Field

Knowledge of the human energy field goes back thousands of years and through many cultures. The Emotion Code® provides a framework for these ancient teachings by providing an understanding of how trapped emotional energies can cause blockages or imbalances in your personal energy field. With the Emotion Code®, we believe it’s possible to permanently remove these negative energies.

The body is made up of pure energy, and so is every organ, tissue, and cell of your body as well as the non-physical aspects of yourself.

Thoughts, beliefs, memories, emotions — are also made up of energy. When viewed from this standpoint, you can see how important energetic balance is to your overall health, and just how easy it really is to effect change.

We believe the subconscious mind exerts an unseen yet profound influence over how we behave and feel — and it’s also keenly aware of exactly what part of your body needs healing. To access these vast stores of knowledge, it’s our belief that we need to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious where the answers can be found and help remove any trapped emotions in the body.

How does an Emotion Code Session work? 


An Emotion Code session is painless and non-invasive form of energy therapy.  It’s a simple process designed to use muscle testing to tap into the knowledge stored in your subconscious mind.


Your practitioner will begin the session by connecting to your energy field, by setting an intention focusing on you, the client.


Once an energetic connection is made the practitioner will ask your subconscious mind series of simple yes/no questions, assessing the biofeedback response via muscle testing. Muscle testing is used to get answers from your subconscious mind. This process identifies imbalances that may be affecting your physical and emotional wellness.


Your practitioner works to release those trapped emotions one at a time using magnetic energy and principles used in ancient Chinese medicine.


Animal Therapy

Just as humans, animals have feelings and emotions, in fact, animals are extremely sensitive to the energy around us and our emotions. Animals can easily pick up the feelings and emotions of their owners and the energy of their home environment and surroundings, and in many cases this could result in trapped emotions in their bodies which could then develop into symptoms of any kind, whether physical or behavioral.

If something unsettling or frightening happens - think about how your pet might feel.  If you are away on a business trip or just on vacation and need to leave your pet behind, think of how they might feel. If you notice a physical or behavioral change, they may be communicating to you that they have a trapped emotion.

The Emotion Code® can assist in helping your precious pets and other animals feel and function better as this is a very safe holistic approach that works with the energy of the body.

As with our family, it falls to us to make sure our beautiful companions in our care are safe, fed and sheltered, therefore, it is our job to keep them healthy.

Animal Therapy
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