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Passionate About Helping and Inspiring Others

Hello and welcome to my website. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to stop by and learn a little bit about me and the services I offer.

For many years I worked in a financial and educational institution, however, no matter how much I enjoyed my workplaces, the people I worked with, I felt there was something missing as I didn’t feel completely fulfilled.


This led me to self-reflect, analyze, and re-evaluate the things that were truly important in my life, as well as the career choices I was making.

All this pondering about the new direction in my life and my career, reminded me that my interest in metaphysics, spirituality, energy healing and psychology did not start recently, it has always been a part of me. I had experiences as a young child that now I have come to realize that it has been part of the plan, and not to sound too cliché, I feel this has been my life’s purpose.

My journey started back in 2003 when I first met a kind Buddhist man named Don Oscar when I travelled to his country. Don Oscar was the first person to introduce me to daily meditation practices and taught me how energy healing worked. He also taught me how I could help myself and others by using simple techniques and how to reach Theta Level while meditating and quieting my mind. I quickly began putting into practice everything I had learned, and I noticed a difference in my life; I felt renewed and enhanced mentally and physically. I experienced a sense of peace, balance, and overall wellbeing, not to mention financially as well.

Shortly after, I joined different groups and online communities to promote the benefits of meditation and energy healing to others.  I attended workshops and various retreats in various parts of the U.S.A. to learn and absorb as much knowledge as possible to better help my clients.

To further my professional development, I completed a Distant Healing Certificate from Authentic Living in Arizona, USA in 2012 and a Reiki Certificate in London, Ontario.

In 2014 my family got the sad and devastating news that my mother had been diagnosed with stage four cancer. I needed someone I could talk to and give me some advice and answers, and I don’t mean medical advice. I was extremely sad and in despair, maybe I was looking for answers only my soul could understand and heal, as the worse was yet to come.

While my mother found Reiki and Energy Healing soothing while she was placed in hospice care, I continued my search for answers in hopes I could find a way to help my mother recover or alleviate her symptoms.  This is when I came across Dolores Cannon’s teachings of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques also known as QHHT®. The more I read about QHHT® and the benefits of this type of hypnosis the more intrigued I became with the idea of helping people in their healing journey through hypnosis. I loved the idea of how QHHT® combines psychology, science, and spirituality in the practice in order to have the best results for clients and assist them in releasing any stresses, illnesses, phobias, addictions, etc.

Unfortunately, my mother’s time on earth was up before I could have a QHHT® session with her. I believe everything in life happens for a reason and at the right time, and through her illness and adversity she led me to find QHHT® so I could continue my journey in helping others. In turn I have been fortunate to discover a whole new world of possibilities which I am continuing to share with those I come in contact with.

Fast-forwarding to the present, I am a QHHT® Practitioner and most recently I have completed an Emotion Code® certification which gives me the opportunity to provide online sessions as an Emotion Code® Practitioner regardless where you reside in the world. 


If you are here reading about me is because you were meant to be here at this time and space as there are no coincidences in life.  I would love to connect with you and looking forward to assisting you as we explore your personal journey of self-healing, self-development and self-discovering.

Peace & Light 🙌

Liz Boudreau, CECP


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